Public Transit in Colorado

With so many people moving to Colorado, and with so much development, transit has become an important issue. Transit, or public transit, refers to multi-modal transportation systems that can move large numbers of passengers – i.e., buses or passenger rail.

The state’s two major planning documents for transit are the Statewide Transit Plan, which “identifies local, regional and statewide transit and passenger rail needs and priorities,” and the Colorado State Freight and Passenger Rail Plan, developed “to provide a framework for future freight and passenger rail planning in Colorado.” Learn more about the two plans, and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)’s other transit policies, on their Division of Transit and Rail webpage.

Additional documents relating to Colorado’s transit and rail planning include:

Photo by Jeffrey Beall courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

To learn about Colorado’s safety laws for rail and transit, visit the Colorado Public Utilities Commission’s Rail/Transit webpage. The state also recently conducted an audit of bus and light rail operator safety practices.