Promoting Colorado: Agritourism

First of all, what is agritourism? The Colorado Dept. of Agriculture defines it as “integrat[ing] recreational and educational farm and ranch enterprises with the travel and recreational sectors of our economy. Agritourism covers a wide variety of…activities and services, based on a farmer’s or rancher’s land, physical and human resources.” For example, one of the most popular agritourism activities in Colorado is touring vineyards in the Western Slope’s wine country. If you’re interested in touring and learning about Colorado’s agriculture, see the official state tourism website’s Agritourism activities page, which includes a directory and trip ideas.

Researchers looking for information on agritourism in Colorado should visit the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture’s Agritourism Resources webpage, or see the following agritourism reports from Colorado State University’s Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics: