PlantTalk Colorado: Resources on Over 600 Colorado Gardening Topics

Are you new to Colorado gardening? Or, have you been gardening in Colorado for years, but want to try something different? Or maybe you’re stumped by a problem, or looking for a video demonstration specific to our state. Whatever your gardening questions, you’ll find PlantTalk Colorado™ to be a handy resource.

Sponsored by the Colorado State University Extension, the Denver Botanic Gardens, and Green Industries Colorado, PlantTalk Colorado™ offers helpful, easy-to-understand videos, fact sheets, and other resources on over 600 local gardening topics, including flowers, vegetables, trees, lawns, and more. The site is also available in Spanish. And if you still need help, you can submit a question that will be answered for you by a local Extension agent or Master Gardener.

The State Publications Library also collects the CSU Extension’s gardening publications, so search the library’s online catalog for fact sheets, books to check out, and much more.