Plant Grafting and Other Garden Tips

Working with our collection today I ran across a document that caught my eye – Plant Grafting. According to the “quick facts” on the first page, “Grafting is a means of joining tissue from two plants by holding cut surfaces in position until a union of living cells is formed. Grafting is regularly used to asexually propagate fruit trees and to repair trunk injuries.” Well, we’ve all seen saplings with tape around them, but did you know (I didn’t until reading this!) that “Grafting is also used to create novelty items such as tomato plants that produce potatoes…and fruit trees bearing more than one variety per tree.” Pretty amazing. Anyway, you can find out more about plant grafting by checking out this document from our library. It is part of a series of gardening fact sheets produced by the CSU Cooperative Extension. Fact sheets are available for checkout from our library; many are also available online, so check our online catalog for links.