Planning and Planting Trees and Flowers

The season for planting trees and flowers has arrived.  If you’re planning a garden, or looking to update an established one, there are many questions to be thought through — such as what types and species are best for Colorado’s climate, how long they will take to grow, what kind of care they need, how to use mulch, how to deal with pests, what plants attract butterflies and birds, what’s different about gardening in the mountains, etc.  Luckily, the Colorado State University Extension can help.  They have issued numerous publications about all aspects of Colorado gardening.  Some of the titles that you may find useful in helping plan your yard and garden include:

Search our library’s web catalog for more titles, including information on specific plants, insects, and diseases.  Also, if you’re looking for ideas on flowers, check out CSU’s Flower Trial Gardens.  If you still need more help, you can go to the Extension’s Ask an Expert.