Own Your Future Colorado: Resource for Ex-Offenders

With approximately 10,000 inmates being released from prison each year,* reducing recidivism is a large priority for our state.  One of the best ways to reduce recidivism is through obtaining an education.  So this month Lt. Governor Joe Garcia announced the launch of a new initiative known as Own Your Future Colorado.  According to the initiative’s website,

Own Your Future is the one-stop resource for building a
new life after prison. You’ll find the tools and information
you need to create a plan to own your future.

If you are an ex-offender or work with ex- or soon-to-be-released offenders, this site is a helpful way to plan for work, school and life “on the outside.”

The site also notes:
Own Your Future is dedicated to the memory of Tom Clements, to honor his unwavering commitment to reducing recidivism and his strong belief in second chances.


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