Our Changing Forests

Anyone driving in the mountains of Colorado cannot help but notice the dead trees due to the pine beetle epidemic affecting the western states. This will change the look of our mountains dramatically, and in a short time. Information about the attack on trees that have been weakened by years of drought and fire suppression can be found online in the following publications:

Colorado’s Common Insects and Diseases
Preventive Spraying for Mountain Pine Beetle
Mountain Pine Beetle
Mountain Pine Beetle fact sheet
Report on the Health of Colorado’s Forests 2005

Recent news about the aspen forests is disturbing as well. Aspen trees throughout the west are dying off and scientists do not know why. The above issue on the health of forests has information on our aspen forests as well, but watch for the next issue which may have information on this latest development.

A broader look at Colorado’s forests can be found on the Colorado State Forest website. In addition, search our online catalog for information not found online.

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