October 10 is Electronic Records Day!

This coming Saturday, October 10, is Electronic Records Day, where we recognize the importance of preserving our digital heritage and making our history more accessible online.  Aside from recognizing the benefits of preservation and access, Electronic Records Day also promotes the preservation of the electronic records themselves, which can deteriorate or become unreadable over time as computer programs change and develop.  Just because a document has been placed online doesn’t mean it is permanent — be sure to keep your records accessible by updating them as computer programs advance.  Don’t lose your personal or community history by neglecting to preserve your electronic documents!

You can search through thousands of Colorado state government documents at our library’s digital repository.  Other helpful repositories containing digital documents, particularly those from state colleges and universities, include the Digital Collections of Colorado repository, a consortium of Colorado public universities hosted by Colorado State University; the University of Colorado’s CU Scholar; and the University of Northern Colorado’s Digital UNC.  There are many others, so search your local library or university library’s website for digital documents.  Be sure to also check the Internet Archive for electronic documents
from libraries across the United States.