New Zero-Emission Vehicle Standard for Colorado

Last week, Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission adopted a new zero-emission vehicle standard that “requires automakers to sell more than 5 percent zero-emission vehicles by 2023 and more than 6 percent zero-emission vehicles by 2025,” according to a press release from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The new rules do not require consumers to purchase electric vehicles, but will make more choices available.

If you’re interested in learning more about electric vehicles and what the State of Colorado is doing to encourage their use, see the Colorado Energy Office’s ReCharge Colorado website. Here you will find information on new market developments, buying incentives, and more. Additional information can be found on the office’s Transportation page, including tax credits and grant programs for incentivizing electric vehicles.

The Governor’s Energy Office has issued a number of reports and studies relating to electric vehicles, including

For information on electric vehicle laws in Colorado, see the Colorado Legislative Council’s Motor Vehicle Law Resource Book. This online guide is periodically updated to reflect current laws. Also, Colorado State University has issued a fact sheet, Electric Vehicles in Colorado.

See also the Colorado Climate Plan, updated in 2018, which outlines the state’s emissions reduction goals and other issues related to climate change.