New Resource: No DUI Colorado

Several state agencies have teamed up to offer Coloradans a new resource, No DUI Colorado (  This helpful site is divided into three sections:

  1. Preventing a DUI
  2. I got a DUI.  Now what?
  3. Resources

The site also includes basic information on what constitutes a DUI or DWAI; DUI statistics and surveys; news; and a handy blood alcohol level calculator.  The State of Colorado has provided this resource to help all drivers make smart choices and avoid driving under the influence so that everyone stays safe on the road.  No DUI Colorado is especially helpful for new young drivers or for those who have had drunk driving problems in the past.

The website is sponsored by the Colorado Dept. of Transportation, the Colorado Dept. of Human Services, the Interagency Task Force on Drunk Driving, the Colorado Judicial Branch, the Colorado Dept. of Revenue, and the Colorado State Patrol.