New Model Content Standards

The Colorado Dept. of Education is in the process of developing new model content standards for schools. The standards were last developed in the mid-1990s so are in need of an update. The update started in early 2009 and took place in three phases. To find information on the review process along with drafts of the new standards, visit CDE’s Academic Standards page.

CDE summarizes the new standards on their website: “Currently, Colorado is transitioning from traditional Kindergarten through twelfth grade standards to an inclusion of early school readiness and postsecondary competencies. Historically, these standards have been organized by grade spans but are evolving to more articulated and specific descriptions. Additionally, state standards will reflect workforce readiness and 21st century skills such as problem-solving, information literacy and innovation. The ability to take responsibility for additional learning, self direction and interaction with others to learn new information quickly and more naturally is the new emerging direction of our work.”