March: Women’s History Month

By Presidential Proclamation, March is designated Women’s History Month to honor the contributions that women have made in our society. Related titles in our collection offer some interesting reading on Colorado women. Here is a sampling, but search our catalog for many more titles!

Colorado Women’s History: A Multicultural Treasury, 1985
Long Vistas: Women and Families on Colorado Homesteads, 1993
Women’s Clubs of Denver, Essays in Colorado History, No. 13, 1992
Women’s Gold: Prominent Women in Colorado History, 1989
Junior League of Denver: Leaders in Community Service, 1918-1993
Directory of Colorado State Register of Historic Properties Associated With Women’s History, 2005

In addition, link to the Women’s Gold Tapestry on the Colorado State Capitol Virtual Tour site, which provides information on the Colorado women immortalized in this tapestry hanging in the capitol.

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1 thought on “March: Women’s History Month

  1. I found a collaborative website from a Women’s Museum

    There is work from young women from all over the world, some of it’s really great, and you can submit your own work through a link. I think I will send something later.

    I really love the stories about going to the restaurant by yourself, and the video with the girl putting on lipstick.

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