Interactive Data Tools from the State Demography Office

The State Demography Office (SDO) has recently updated several of their interactive online data and mapping tools. These tools provide easy access to information on population, industry, and more.

For population data, check out their Demographic Dashboard. Here you will find data tables on net migration as well as population estimates and projections based on age, birth and death, etc. Data can be viewed by county or statewide. Another helpful tool is the County Data Lookup. Here you can quickly search for population and housing numbers by year. For instance, if you’re looking for the number of births or deaths, the number of vacant household units, or the average household size for a particular county in a particular year, this is the place to go. Regional data is also available.

The SDO has also created a clickable map providing data from the American Community Survey (ACS). Zoom and click on a county, region, or municipality to find a wide variety of data on age, birthplace, citizenship, disability, education, employment, household, housing, income, insurance, language, migration, population, poverty, race, rent, and transportation.

The SDO also has several data tools that provide information on the state’s economy, workforce, and industries. These include the recently updated Interactive Base Industry Chart, which provides a quick visualization of which industry sectors have the most workers in each county. If you want to dig deeper, go to their Base Industries Analysis page. SDO also offers maps on unemployment, including an interactive “timeseries” chart with unemployment data by county back to 1990.

Finally, one of the handiest tools on the SDO website is their regional profile generator. Here you can choose a county or municipality and generate a report based on the criteria you choose, including population characteristics, housing and households, job growth and employment, and more. Several new tables and plots have recently been added, with information on unemployment, race, income, and population forecasts.

For an overview of the many data tools available from the SDO, see this introductory presentation. You can also find more tools by searching the SDO website.