I-70 East Project

Last week the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) unveiled a new website “to educate and engage the public about changes in transportation financing, partnerships and project delivery, and important public engagement opportunities specific to these elements.  The tool also provides an update on the proposed I-70 East project, from I-25 to Tower Road,” according to CDOT’s June 24 press release.  The site includes interactive features such as public opinion polls and videos to increase the public’s awareness of and involvement in the transportation planning process, particularly in regards to the use of express (toll) lanes.  The I-70 East project is slated to employ the use of express lanes to help move traffic.

You can learn more about the I-70 project at CDOT’s I-70 East project website.  Here you can find the Environmental Impact Statement as well as a project schedule, map, public meetings and community outreach, a discussion of possible alternatives to CDOT’s proposed project plan.