How to Use Express Lanes

With more and more people living — and driving — in the metro area, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has been adding express lanes to many highways.  Some of these, like those on US36 between Denver and Boulder, are open; others, including new express lanes on I-70 and C-470, are yet to come.

The purpose of express lanes is to help ease traffic congestion on highways and interstates.  To be able to use express lanes, you must obtain a special ExpressToll pass.  There are also some different configurations and rules that make express lanes different from regular highway lanes, so if you want to participate, CDOT has several resources to help you.  They have created a series of videos that explain how to use the special lanes — whether you’re a commuter, a carpooler, or a transit rider.  CDOT’s Express Lanes website also includes FAQs, fact sheets, information on upcoming construction, and links for obtaining ExpressToll passes and receiving alerts.  Avoid confusion before your trip and check out these resources before you hit the road.