Hooray! It’s Spring!

Spring has sprung and there are many things to do now that the weather is warmer. We people aren’t the only ones glad for the warmer weather; wildlife are also getting ready for the new season. Check out these two Colorado’s Wildlife Company publications from the Colorado Division of Wildlife, that deal with animals in spring: They’re Back! and Hearken! It’s Spring!

If you are involved in agriculture or even home gardening, spring is an important time of the year for planning and planting. We have many, many publications in our library with information on agriculture; for a few resources specific to spring planting, see Spring Planted Bulbs, Corms and Roots and Fertilizing Spring-Seeded Small Grains.  For those raising livestock, see Pastures for Spring and Fall Grazing in Mountains of Colorado.

Snow is melting, of course, and this can cause issues for transportation. See the Colorado Department of Highways’ publication Spring Breakup Study for information on what happens to asphalt when the weather changes.

Spring is also time to play outside! Be sure to check our web catalog for more information, such as outdoor recreation guides and maps.