Heart Attack and Stroke

A new bill signed by the Governor this past Sunday will improve hospital care for victims of heart attacks and strokes.  SB13-225 creates two new task forces.  The STEMI (ST-evaluation myocardial infarction) Task Force “shall study and make recommendations for developing a statewide plan to improve quality of care to STEMI patients.”  One of the task force’s charges is to create a database of Colorado STEMI hospital data.  The second part of the bill creates a Stroke Advisory Board, “the purpose of which is to evaluate potential strategies for stroke prevention and treatment and develop a statewide needs assessment identifying relevant resources.”  This group is also charged with creating a database of Colorado stroke data. 

The Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment has produced several previous reports on this topic, including The Impact of Heart Disease and Stroke on the State of Colorado; Colorado Heart Healthy and Stroke Free; Women and Cardiovascular DiseaseHealth Disparities and Cardiovascular Disease and Survivors of the Fight:  Stroke in Coloradoavailable from our library.  As new resources are issued as a result of this legislation, we will add them to our library collection.