Health Care Reform

Governor Ritter has recently announced his new plan for health care reform which focuses on children’s health and system-wide efficiencies. Highlights of his ‘Building Blocks for Health Care Reform’ are available in this press release from the Governor’s Office.

Part of his plan is based on recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Commission for Healthcare Reform which were presented before the General Assembly on January 31st. The final report is available from the commission web site.

The governor also hopes to increase Child Health Plan Plus and Medicaid coverage for Colorado. More information on Child Helath Plan Plus is available at:

In support of the governor’s health care reform initiatives, the General Assembly passed
Senate Joint Resolution 08-008 on February 18, which resolves that the members of the General Assembly, will strive to ensure that by the year 2010, all children in Colorado will have access to health care coverage through insurance or public programs that ensure access to a medical home providing appropriate and affordable health services.

On the same day, HB1341 was introduced ‘concerning an increase in the state sales and use tax on retail sales of alcohol beverages to provide funding for the children’s basic health plan.’

For a list of other bills on health care proposed by members of the legislature this session, search and sort through current bills on the General Assembly web

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