Governor’s Inauguration

On January 8 Colorado’s new Governor, Jared Polis, and Lt. Governor, Dianne Primavera, will be sworn in. Official ceremonies will take place on the grounds of the State Capitol in the morning, with the inaugural speech at 11am. See this article from The Denver Post for more details on the inaugural events.

If you’re near the Capitol Tuesday morning, you might be wondering about the frequent cannon booms. Cannon are being set off to mark the inaugural festivities and salute the governor. According to the U.S. Military, the number of gun salutes depends on the person’s rank, title, or office. Presidents, as well as heads of foreign countries, get a 21-gun salute; a state governor “only” merits a 19-gun salute. Click here to find out the number of salutes for various political offices and military ranks. On the U.S. Army site you can also learn about the history of gun salutes. The US Dept. of Veterans Affairs also has a brief history on their website.

In our library collection we have transcripts of the inaugural speeches of many of Colorado’s past governors, back to the 1880s. Also be sure to search our library’s online catalog for more information on past governors, including state-of-the-state speeches, executive orders, commission reports, budgets, and more.