Goose on the Loose

Long-time residents of the Front Range can remember that sighting a Canada goose was rare and a thrill. Now they are everywhere, taking over our parks and other places where we don’t want them! What happened in such a short time? CoSPL has the story. We just made available the 1957 Division of Wildlife report, Canada Goose Restoration Along the Foothills of Colorado, describing the 1950’s restoration of Canada geese as being a “success story seldom equaled in the history of wildlife management.”

Interestingly, the project was such a success that DOW in recent years published Geese Galore or Why the Front Range is home to so many geese, and what you can do to minimize the problems they may cause, 1989; and Living with Wildlife: Canada Geese, 2002, also available on-line. These and other state publications on the topic are available for loan.

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