February is Career and Technical Education Month

Career and technical education (CTE) is a way for middle- and high-school students to get a jump-start on preparing for a successful career. Students in CTE programs — often in partnership with Colorado’s community colleges — can learn skills like automotive repair (an increasingly skilled profession as vehicles include more and more computer components); agriculture; health; hospitality; business; information technology; and skilled trades like welding and woodworking, to name a few. There are many CTE programs across Colorado, including in rural areas, that can help students learn skills, gain job experience, and earn certificates and/or college credit. According to a press release from the Colorado Workforce Development Council,

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month, celebrated in February, is a time to raise awareness of the CTE education pathway and how it prepares students to meet the challenges of the workforce. CTE students in middle and high school are able to explore a range of career paths while earning real-life work experience and college credits. In Colorado, 82 percent of CTE students are satisfied with their ability to learn real-world skills in school, compared with only 51 percent of non-CTE students.

Visit the State of Colorado’s official CTE website for more information and resources. Also, the following publications offer helpful information and data: