Emerald Ash Borer

An invasive species that could mean the death of numerous trees has been found in Colorado.  The emerald ash borer targets ash trees and has caused the death of tens of millions of trees in the United States, according to the Denver PostAsh trees are common in Denver and the metropolitan area, so the insect could significantly reduce Colorado’s urban forests.  The first Colorado borer was found in Boulder last week.

Homeowners and tree growers can find out more about the emerald ash borer by reading this brochure and fact sheet from the Colorado State University Extension.  Also, be sure to view this helpful and newly-updated emerald ash borer resource guide from the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture.

What are the signs of emerald ash borer infestation?  Look for D-shaped holes, sparse or thinning canopy, bark splitting, shoots sprouting from the trunk, and increased woodpecker activity.

Emerald Ash Borer.  Photo courtesy Colorado State Forest Service.