Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is set aside as the month to recognize and bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence. The problem is often kept quiet but it is very real. The State of Colorado has a Domestic Violence Program that is a valuable resource both for those needing help and those researching the issue. On their website you can find emergency information and a crisis line, information about the address confidentiality program, and the Program’s annual reports, which are also available in our library.

A helpful resource on the treatment of offenders is Standards for Treatment with Court Ordered Domestic Violence Offenders, Colorado Dept. of Public Safety, 2010, also available in our library. Search our web catalog for more publications on this topic.

Finally, if you or someone you know needs help but isn’t sure where to go, be sure and visit the Colorado Dept. of Human Services’ Domestic Violence Assistance Search, which can link you with help throughout the state.