Dining Out in Colorado

Dining out is a fun treat that many people enjoy. But did you know that there are several state publications that can enhance your gastronomic experience? We also have some handy resources for restaurant owners, too. For consumers: Small Steps for Healthy Leaps, from the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment, can help you make healthy food choices at restaurants. Taste Colorado is a publication done yearly by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. It’s a restaurant guide that tells you where you can find restaurants who use ingredients grown or raised right here in Colorado. For restaurant owners: Colorado Restaurant Sales is a quarterly publication from the Colorado Department of Revenue listing Colorado restaurant profits and expenditures. This is a helpful resource for determining the current economic climate for restaurants. The Tourism Business Entrepreneurial Handbook, published by CU-Denver, is a helpful resource for those starting businesses in the hospitality industry, including food service. Although it is not available online, you can borrow it from our library.