Community Profiles: The Colorado State Demography Office

Last month I was lucky enough to attend the Annual Demography Summit put together by the Colorado State Demography Office. I look forward to it every year and always learn something new. In case you are not familiar with the State Demography Office, it is the primary state agency for population and demographic information. The office makes the data publicly available on their website, answers requests for economic and demographic data and provides training workshops on accessing and using the data.

Demography Office staff create population estimates and economic data for the state of Colorado based on census information. They compile tables of census data for Colorado and gather it all in one place, making it easier to find than on

The State Demography Office also has a great collection of data visualizations and maps. They also build community profiles for counties and municipalities, with information on population characteristics and key industries for each community. The profiles are a great resource for students and professionals wishing to learn more about a particular locale.

The big news at the Summit was that in January 2022, the Demography Office will be launching a new version of their website. The new site will bring the data front and center with interactive data right on the front page. Check out the new look in this video demonstrating the new site.

Slides and videos of the presentations from the remainder of the 2021 Demography Summit can be found at:

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