Colorado's State Symbols: The State Amphibian

Colorado’s newest state symbol, designated just this year, is the State Amphibian, the Western Tiger Salamander.  This small amphibian can be found in ponds and lakes statewide; also look for them near rodent burrows and on ground surfaces at night during damp weather.  For more information, see the Tiger Salamander page in the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s Colorado Herpetofaunal Atlas.  You can find other resources on Colorado’s amphibians in our library, including Quick Key to Amphibians and Reptiles of Colorado (Colorado Division of Wildlife, 2008); Hip on Herps:  Colorado’s Reptiles and Amphibians (Colorado Division of Wildlife, 2004); and Colorado’s Underworld (Colorado Division of Wildlife, 1994).  The latter two publications are especially written for kids.  You can find more on the designation of the State Amphibian in this article from the Denver Post.

Photo courtesy Colorado Division of Widlife