Colorado’s Constitution

CoSPL has many resources for researching the Colorado Constitution, including text of the Constitution itself (updated most years; current edition also available online) as well as some historical publications such as Proceedings of the Constitutional Convention Held in Denver, December 20, 1875, to Frame a Constitution for the State of Colorado (1907). Other Colorado Constitution resources include:

-Original 1876 Constitution online
Colorado, Constitutionalism and Contemporary Methods of State Constitutional Revision
-The Colorado Constitution: Is It Adequate for the Next Century?

The last two titles suggest the debate over the state’s constitution. Recently the State Legislature debated a proposal for a Colorado Constitutional Convention to be held to discuss removing outdated parts and transferring some of the laws from the Constitution to the Statutes. Legislators in favor of HCR06-1003 argue that Colorado’s Constitution is one of the longest and most frequently amended state constitutions in the U.S. Although the bill has been postponed for now, it raises an interesting issue about our state’s laws and government.