Colorado's 10 Winnable Battles

The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment has initiated a campaign to address Colorado’s “10 Winnable Battles” against health and environmental problems facing our state.  The Department is working towards achieving measurable results in these ten areas.  The 10 Winnable Battles that CDPHE has identified are:

1.  Clean Air
2.  Clean Water
3.  Infectious Disease Prevention
4.  Injury Prevention
5.  Mental Health and Substance Abuse
6.  Obesity
7.  Oral Health
8.  Safe Food
9.  Tobacco
10. Unintended Pregnancy
For more information on the campaign along with Colorado-specific fact sheets on each of these areas, visit the 10 Winnable Battles webpage.  Reports and other in-depth information on each of these topics is available from our library; visit our web catalog to search for publications.