Colorado Water Plan Update

What is the State of Colorado doing to address the future of our water resources? After two years in development, Colorado’s Water Plan was released in 2015. “Our population has ballooned from 1 million in 1930 to over 5 million today, and could nearly double by 2060,” says the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), who authored the plan. “Sustaining this growth requires water. With this projected pace of growth, how do we preserve what we love about our state? Colorado’s Water Plan has answers.”

This summer, the CWCB released a substantial two-volume Analysis and Technical Update to the plan. It includes estimates of future water supply; planning scenarios for agricultural, municipal, and industrial uses; environmental impacts and water reuse opportunities; cost estimate tools; flood and drought planning; and more. The update provides “a new state of the art analysis and modern scenario planning approach to help determine future water supply needs across Colorado.”

The state plan will continue to develop, with new basin implementation plans forthcoming. A comprehensive update will be released in 2022, according to the CWCB. News and information on the development and implementation of Colorado’s Water Plan is available on the project website.