Colorado Water Law for Non-Lawyers

One of the most frequently checked-out books in our library’s collection is Colorado Water Law for Non-Lawyers, by P. Andrew Jones and Tom Cech (University Press of Colorado, 2009).  As implied in the title, it provides a succinct, easy-to-understand overview of Colorado’s complex water laws.  “Drawing on geography and history, the authors explore the flashpoints and water wars that have shaped Colorado’s present system of water allocation and management.  They also address how this system, developed in the mid-1800s, is standing up to current tests…”  —from the publisher

You can find many, many resources on water and water law in our library’s collection, including this and other books from the University Press, as well as from Colorado State University’s Colorado Water Institute; the Colorado Department of Natural Resource’s Division of Water Resources and Colorado Water Conservation Board; the University of Colorado’s Natural Resources Law Center; the Colorado Attorney General; and many more.  Search our library’s web catalog for resources.