Colorado State University’s Flower Trial Gardens

Which flowers grow best in Colorado’s specific environmental conditions? Our dry climate, higher elevation, soil types, etc. mean that some flowers that grow well in other states won’t do well here, and vice versa. Colorado State University’s Flower Trial Garden puts them to the test, so that you can find the best plants for your yard and garden.

Each year, Trial Garden researchers select the best-performing annual and perennial varieties, publishing lists which you can use to help select the best varieties for your garden. They also perform “cool season trials” for plants that grow well in the non-summer months. Lists of results for each type are available online from our library. You can also explore photos and facts about winning plants on the trial garden website and in these recent news releases from CSU, announcing this year’s annua winners and perennial winners.

Want to see the plants in person? The gardens, located on the CSU campus in Ft. Collins, are free and open to the public.

These coneflower (above, perennial) and lantana (below, annual) varieties were among this year’s winners. Photos courtesy CSU.