Colorado State Capitol Art and Memorials

Colorado’s State Capitol is filled with artworks, from murals by Allen Tupper True to stained glass windows commemorating famous Coloradans, portraits of every U.S. President, paintings, tapestries, and more.  On the Capitol grounds can be found a number of statues and Civil War cannons.  And in the Capitol dome you can find a history exhibit, Mr. Brown’s Attic.

A new website from the Colorado Legislative Council offers visitors a floor-by-floor virtual tour of these many artworks and memorials.  On the homepage, you can either click on the link to a particular floor or other area (basement, dome, grounds), or you can filter by a specific type of artwork, memorial, or architectural feature (sculptures, paintings, stained glass windows, etc.)  Once you click on an area or floor, you receive a color-coded map followed by a listing, with a photo, of each artwork.  This site is a handy resource to take along with you on your smartphone or tablet as you tour the building, or just to look at on your computer if you cannot visit in person.