Colorado Memorials and Monuments

This Memorial Day week, I would like to highlight a few of the interesting publications CoSPL has describing memorials and monuments in Colorado:

Mission Accomplished: Building Colorado Veterans Monument (GSS1.2/M68/2003). Edited by Tim Drago, a key figure in planning for the Colorado Veterans Monument in the late 1980s, this hardcover book with color photos examines the fundraising, construction, and legacy of the Veterans Monument adjacent to the State Capitol. Also included is a roster of the more than 5,000 Colorado war dead up to that time.

Denver’s Historic Markers, Memorials, Statues, and Parks
compiled by Agnes Wright Spring (HED6.2/D41/1959). Published by the Colorado Historical Society, this booklet examines Denver monuments from a historic preservation point of view.

Memorials and Art In and Around the Colorado State Capitol (GA4.2/C17/1992). This publication gives a listing and brief description of the many statues, portraits, plaques, stained glass windows, murals, time capsules, and various other monuments and artworks in and near the State Capitol. There are even specially designated memorial trees on the Capitol grounds, and moon rocks on the building’s first floor!

Additionally, for more detailed information on the Capitol, see also:
-The Colorado State Capitol: History, Politics, Preservation (HED13.2/C17/2005)
-Visitor’s Guide to Colorado’s Capitol (GA4.2/C17/2005)
-The Colorado State Capitol: Granite and Gold (GA12.2/C17/1992)
-Art of the House: Paintings in the House of Representatives (GAH1.2/P16/1990)
Colorado State Capitol Virtual Tour