Colorado Farm Fresh Directory Now Available

Colorado Farm Fresh Directory cover imageIt’s officially summer, and that means fresh fruits and vegetables and homemade goodies are for sale at farmers’ markets across the state. If you’re looking for places to buy fresh, local produce and cottage foods, the Colorado Department of Agriculture has just released their annual Colorado Farm Fresh Directory for 2020. This helpful guide offers a listing of farmers’ markets by region, along with information on organic certification; places where you can go to pick your own produce; and a list of food festivals and events.

You may be wondering how COVID-19 affects farmers’ markets this year. Most farmers’ markets are open or plan on opening, and have made adjustments to their operations to keep customers and producers safe and healthy. However, due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 situation, it is still suggested that consumers check the businesses’ websites and social media for the latest information.

This year, why is shopping locally more important than ever? An introduction to the directory notes that

Purchasing locally grown foods shortens the supply chain, supports our ag producers, and helps keep our food system resilient. Buying local has a direct impact on the economy–and it has a multiplier effect, generating more money for the local economy. This will be key to rebuilding our communities in the coming weeks, months and years.