Colorado Airports

You’re probably familiar with Denver International Airport, but did you know that there are 75 airports in Colorado? Most of these are small, regional airports, which “serve everything from tourism to shipping, emergency response, manufacturing, and many other purposes.” The Colorado Department of Transportation publishes an annual directory of Colorado airports, and a 2020/21 edition has recently been released. Researchers can also access past editions, both online and in hardcopy, from the State Publications Library.

In 2020, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) conducted a major planning study for Colorado’s aviation system and its impact on the state’s economy. The Colorado Aviation System Plan and Economic Impact Study examined aviation’s needs, roles, performance, and future development in our state. The results of the study include a planning report; an economic impact report; executive summaries of each; and fact sheets on public and commercial airports across Colorado. These materials can be accessed through the State Publications Library. An interactive website,, is also available. CDOT’s Aeronautics Division develops these studies every few years; system plans from 1987, 1994, 2005, and 2011 are available from the Library. Also available are Division publications including annual reports, an Aerotropolis Visioning Study (2016), a Mountain Airport Study (2010), and annual aeronautical charts available online and for checkout in hardcopy. For more about Colorado airports and the Division of Aeronautics, visit their website.



Photos courtesy Colorado Department of Transportation