Back to Paper Ballots?

Rumor has it that members of the General Assembly are ready to introduce a bill that will require the use of paper ballots in the 2008 elections. Concerns have been raised about voting procedures for the presidential elections since Secretary Coffman decertified many of the electronic voting machines used in counties across the state. A letter from Governor Ritter to the County Clerks of Colorado describes the paper ballot bill and issues surrounding the 2008 presidential election. The bill has yet to be introduced.

Governor Ritter recently signed a bill: HB08-1155, which gives the secretary of state flexibility in considering new testing and security measures that might correct voting machine deficiencies. Last week, Secretary Coffman announced that several machines would be given certification on the condition that deficiencies and security problems be addressed. Visit the Secretary of State’s website for more information on elections, and the voting machine certification process.

UPDATE: The bill was introduced before the legislature on February 27th (after I posted this entry). The text of the bill is available on the General Assembly homepage: SLH, 2/28/08

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