At the Legislature: Housing

gold dome of Colorado State Capitol BuildingOne of the hot topics this session is housing, especially with regard to the issues of affordable housing and landlord-tenant rights. So far, several bills have been introduced on these subjects.

Affordable Housing

As more and more people move to our state, the demand for housing goes up – and so does the cost. House Bill 21-1117 will be heard in the House Transportation & Local Government Committee this Wednesday, March 10. The bill “clarifies that the existing authority of cities and counties to plan for and regulate the use of land includes the authority to regulate development or redevelopment in order to promote the construction of new affordable housing units.” A second bill, House Bill 21-1028, would require the Colorado Division of Housing to issue an annual report providing “information on money administered by the state to promote the provision of affordable housing.”

Colorado Legislative Council, the General Assembly’s nonpartisan research agency, has published an issue brief, Local Government Affordable Housing Strategies, that explores this issue more in-depth. Researchers can also learn more by searching the Division of Housing’s interactive research tool, Colorado Housing Affordability Data Explorer. Finally, Colorado State University’s research report, On the Up and Up: Colorado’s Rising Rental Problem, also explores this topic.

Colorado has many programs for those experiencing challenges with housing affordability. See the Division of Housing’s website for information.

Landlord-Tenant Rights

Last week, Senate Bill 21-173, Rights in Residential Lease Agreements, was introduced. The lengthy bill addresses numerous provisions in the state’s landlord-tenant laws. Legislative Council has also prepared a new issue brief on this topic, Laws Regulating Landlords and Tenants. Analysis from previous years is also available for researchers looking to compare current and past laws; search the library’s online catalog for publications.