Navigating the new HOA landscape in Colorado: 2022 legislative updates

In 2022, the Colorado General Assembly made significant updates to legislation regarding Homeowner Associations (HOAs). The changes aimed to improve the transparency and accountability of HOA boards in Colorado.

A black and white photograph, featuring condo buildings in the foreground and the snow-free hills of Vail's ski resort in the background.
Condo buildings under construction in Vail. Photo from the October 20, 1972 edition of The Vail Trail, in the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection.

In total, five bills related to HOAs were signed into law in 2022. You can find brief synopses of all five bills in the HOA Information and Resource Center, part of the Department of Regulatory Agencies. A few notable updates include:

  • More protections for owners to use common areas in their condo building or neighborhood without restriction, and requirements for written notice to be provided when common areas are closed;
  • New requirements for HOA boards collecting late payments and fines from unit owners, including written notice requirements and limits on the amount of money that can be charged for fines and late payment fees; and,
  • HOAs can no longer regulate the use of public rights-of-way passing through HOA property.

The HOA Information and Resource Center contains extensive resources geared towards HOA board members and those living in HOA-led communities. On this website, you can find information on HOA laws and regulations, dispute resolution, and the responsibilities of HOAs and homeowners. The site also features a library of frequently asked questions, providing quick access to information on common issues related to HOAs.

DORA also offers educational resources and training programs for HOAs and their board members, including workshops and webinars on topics such as financial management, meeting procedures, and conflict resolution. In addition to these resources, the DORA website includes information on how to file a complaint against an HOA, and the steps that homeowners can take if they feel their rights have been violated. These complaints are compiled into annual reports, which are available from 2011-present in our digital repository.

The resources available on the DORA website provide comprehensive support for HOAs and homeowners in Colorado, helping to ensure accountability for Colorado’s HOAs.