Water-Saving Landscapes

Even though the worst of the drought years appear to be over, many communities continue to issue water restrictions or guidelines to conserve water. Is it possible to have attractive landscaping that is water-wise? Just ask a Colorado Master Gardener how it’s done. These gardening volunteers assist home gardeners by answering questions over the phone and/or on their web site as well as conducting gardening classes, writing articles, etc.

Print out fact sheets on everything from how to harvest rainwater to xeriscaping techniques. Use of native plants can help save water. Growing vegetables is possible using water conservation methods. Colorado State University and the Denver Botanic Gardens have partnered to create a web site to assist gardeners in selecting plants that thrive in our Rocky Mountain region. Specific xeriscape information is available in English and Spanish at PlantTalk.

Examples of some related titles that can be borrowed from CoSPL are:

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Native shrubs for Colorado landscapes by J. Klett, B. Fahey, and R. Cox, CSU Cooperative Extension, UCSU20/6.22/7.422/2002

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