Take A Count

Numbers, numbers, numbers. . . Many agencies of Colorado state government keep track of everything from the number of library books borrowed to the location and number of traffic accidents. Many of the data are published by city and/or county and detailed by specific type.

To assist in locating all the varied statistics by state government, the staff of the Colorado State Publications Library (CoSPL) has assembled a resource list by subject. The list is called “Quick Guide to Colorado State Government Statistical Information” and is periodically revised. Below are links to each section of the quick guide.

General – population, demographics, etc.
Agriculture – crops, livestock, etc.
Business & Economics – economic forecasts, CPI, etc.
Crime, Corrections & Courts – inmate populations, types of crimes, etc.
Education & Libraries – pupil membership, school district revenues, etc.
Health – vital statistics, diseases, etc.
Natural Resources – mining production, water data, etc.
Revenue & Taxes – gaming industry, sales tax, etc.
State Government – election results, state budgets, etc.
Traffic & Transportation – traffic volumes, traffic crashes, etc.

For more statistical information including historical data not available online, search the CoSPL catalog.

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