Smoking Ban in Colorado

Colorado lawmakers passed The Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act this past legislative session to protect the health of both the public and employees by reducing their exposure to secondhand smoke. The law creates a safer and healthier environment for employees, families and people statewide to enjoy Colorado’s restaurants, bars and other indoor establishments. July 1, 2006 is the effective date.
Several Colorado organizations have worked together to develop resources to help educate the public, restaurants and bars and other businesses about the smoke-free law. Colorado offers some excellent and effective resources free of charge to all Coloradans who want to quit smoking: Colorado Quitline and Colorado Quitnet.

How does the law affect:
Restaurants and Bars
Other Businesses
General Public

Check out the “Frequently Asked Questions” on each page above to answer such questions as: do businesses need to post a no-smoking sign, does the law apply to ski resorts on private land, or is smoking allowed in common laundry rooms in condominiums? Also, Fact Sheets with additional information in multiple languages are available to download.

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