Remembering Sept. 11

Next Monday marks the five year anniversary of Sept.11, and CoSPL has a few resources dealing directly with the tragedy, as well as information on what Colorado’s government is doing to protect our state.

CoSPL’s materials concerning Sept. 11 include a number of publications produced by CU-Boulder’s Natural Hazards Research Center. These include:
Emergency Management in the 21st Century
Community Response in a Terrorist Disaster
Victim Identification and Management Following the Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers
The September 11th Attacks on America
Field Observations of Lower Manhattan in the Aftermath of the World Trade Center Disaster
There are others so search our catalog with the search term “September 11” for more.

In addition, we have some resources on Colorado homeland security, including the 2005 document “State of Colorado Homeland Security Strategy.”

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