National Campus Safety Awareness Month

September marks National Campus Safety Awareness Month. Congress recognized this month in 1999 to bring awareness to safety issues on college and university campuses and to provide education about the safety resources available to students and staff.

A pair of two students walk away from the viewer across a grassy area towards a red brick university building. The grassy area is dotted with cottonwood trees that have changed to yellow for the fall. Two other small groups of students can be seen walking across the grass in the background.
Students walk across Western Colorado University’s campus. Photo from Western Colorado University.

The State Publications Library has several resources that cover topics related to campus safety for Colorado’s colleges and universities.

Annual security and safety reports are published by every state-funded college and university in Colorado. These reports are required by the Clery Act, a federal law passed to promote transparency about campus crime. Reports provide information about the types and number of crimes recorded on campus, as well as outlining the policies and programs in place to create safer campuses. A comprehensive list of reports is located in a previous blog post.

Transportation is often a safety concern on Colorado’s pedestrian- and bike-friendly campuses. Knowing the rights and responsibilities of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers can help keep everyone safe! The Department of Transportation provides many resources on their Bicycle and Pedestrian Program webpage, including training to become a bicycle-friendly driver. Cyclists can also consult the Colorado Bicycling Manual in our digital repository.

Related to National Campus Safety Awareness Month is National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, which takes place in October. This week was designated to bring awareness to alcohol use and abuse on college and university campuses, which can pose a threat to students’ health and safety. A previous blog post provides a list of publications and resources that address this issue.

Campus safety also includes Title IX protections, student mental health, fraud awareness, and much more. Many colleges and universities are holding events in honor of National Campus Safety Awareness Month to provide education on campus safety policies and resources available to their campus communities. You can find events on your college or university’s website!

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