Liquid De-icers

With so many snow storms this year you may wonder what effect the liquid de-icers have on your automobile. CDOT has published a Liquid De-Icer Fact Sheet to explain why they are used and what you should do about your automobile. Briefly, it says that liquid de-icers are easier on your car’s paint and windshield and are less corrosive than sodium chloride, which has been used for years. You should still wash your car frequently to remove any type of salt, whether it is magnesium chloride or sodium chloride.

Our library has cataloged CDOT’s research reports on de-icers for those who want more background:

Evaluation of Products That Protect Concrete and Steel from Winter Maintenance

A Synthesis to Improve the Design and Construction of CDOT’s Bridge Anti-Icing Systems

Corrosion Effects of Magnesium Chloride and Sodium Chloride on Automobiles

Cost of Sanding

Evaluation and Comparison of Three Chemical Deicers for Use in Colorado

Evaluation of Selected Deicers Based on a Review of the Literature

Studies of Environmental Effects of Magnesium Chloride Deicer in Colorado

Effect of Magnesium Chloride on Asphalt Pavements

Preliminary Environmental Evaluation of Caliber M1000 De-icer for Use in Colorado

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