Lead-Based Paint and Poisoning

With the recent recall of toys containing lead-based paint, you may be wondering where you can get more information about lead, its effect on children and adults, sources, clean-up, and more. The following online resources contain helpful information:

Lead Services Directory, July 2007 – lists such resources as home test kits, blood lead analysis labs, certified contractors, and a dozen other categories

Lead-Based Paint Abatement and Waste Management, 2002 – excellent overview on exposure, effect on children, abatement, disposal, soil contamination, and more

Childhood Lead Poisoning in Colorado, 2005 – data, screening guidelines

Denver Childhood Blood Lead Survey, January 1996

Lead-Based Paint Hazards and Regulation Requirements, Division of Housing

Lead Poisoning Prevention web site, CDPHE– lists sources of lead

Lead-Based Paint Compliance web site, CDPHE — approved encapsulant products, statutes, and regulations

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