Earthquakes in Colorado?

Although Colorado is not in the top 10 earthquake states as reported on page 2 of Prepared: Emergency Management News, Coloradans may have a false sense of security when it comes to earthquakes. Colorado has had more than 500 recorded earthquakes since 1867 with one of M 6.6 in 1882. More occurred but were not recorded due to sparse population and limited instrumental coverage. Even today there have been far fewer research efforts in Colorado than in many other states. Our library has cataloged publications from Colorado Geologic Survey and the Office of Emergency Management on this topic. A sampling –

Colorado Earthquake Hazards, 1999
We Don’t have Earthquakes in Colorado, Do We? 2002
Colorado Earthquake Map Server
Published Faults of the Colorado Front Range, 2003
State of Colorado Five-Year Earthquake and Related Hazards Plan, 1999
Colorado Earthquake Information 1867-1996

These and other titles on the subject can be borrowed from our library.

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