Child Passenger Safety

Since becoming a first-time grandmother recently, I have taken an interest in child and infant safety while riding in an automobile. The laws are tougher since my own children were small, and with good reason. The Colorado’s Child Passenger Traffic Fatalities Under Age 16 report shows that 86% fatalities involved unrestrained passengers in 1995, with an improvement of 61% in 2002, but still too high. In 2003 changes to the child restraint law went into effect. You can read about the new requirements in CDOT’s brochure Colorado’s New Child Passenger Safety Law. CSU Extension has put out an informative publication on this topic, Child Restraint in Automobiles. Both should help people determine if they are providing the safest ride for their passengers. Additional information is listed below:

CDOT web site: Brochures Available for Printing or Viewing
Car Seat and Seat Belt Use by Age Group in Colorado (1990-2002)
Colorado State Patrol Child Passenger Safety information

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