Agri-Tour Colorado this Summer

If you’re looking for a fun way to experience Colorado this summer, consider the many facets of agritourism.  The Colorado Department of Agriculture has a handy webpage which includes information on how both producers and consumers can take advantage of agritourism in our state.  What is agritourism?  According to the Department,

Agritourism covers a wide variety of recreational, educational and other leisure activities and services, provided by farmers and ranchers and experienced by consumers who value the activity or service they receive and seek it out. Agritourism may be defined as activities, events and services related to agriculture that take place on or off the farm or ranch, and that connect consumers with the heritage, natural resource or culinary experience they value. There are three general classifications of agritourism activities: on-farm/ranch, food-based, and heritage activities.

Use their webpage to find out about farmer’s markets; food festivals and county fairs; fishing, birding, and wildlife watching; wineries, breweries, and distilleries; dude ranches; bed and breakfast inns; and more.  Agritourism isn’t just for summer, either — check back in the fall for a list of corn mazes and pumpkin patches, and in winter for a Christmas tree list.  The site also contains a list of producer workshops and events.

For more about agritourism, see the following publications, available from our library: