How to Request Book Club Sets

As long as you’re already enrolled in the program, requesting books is easy:

  1. Go to the catalog webpage and log in to your account using the credentials a staff member has sent to you
  2. Search/browse for titles in the catalog
  3. Once a title is determined, click on the book cover image
  4. You should now see a “Place Hold” button on the lower right of the pop up box, click it
  5. Enter your login credentials
  6. Click “Submit Hold Request”

Voila! You are done. Your request will be sent out to you within a week after placing your hold.

Lending policy: Our materials are loaned out exclusively to library/institutional staff across Colorado, who request sets on behalf of book clubs. If you are a community member interested in the Book Club Resource, please first contact your local library. They might already be set up with an account with us, and if not they will need to designate a public facing Primary Contact who will request materials on behalf of their local community, and are responsible for managing any and all loans.