Trick or Treat? Sing with me!

As a caregiver and/or parent, you can have fun with your little ones this Halloween dancing, laughing and singing songs to help build literacy skills that will improve their language.

When children are exposed to silly songs and nursery rhymes they are not only having a great time but also learning.

Phonological awareness is the ability to understand that oral language is made up of specific sounds. When children are exposed to oral language they learn how to distinguish different sounds from each other. For example, they hear the difference between the words mama and dada—they can distinguish the /m/ sound and the /d/ sound. Over time, they learn that different sounds have different meanings.

Why singing?

Singing songs is a great way to activate children’s ears, mouths, and brains. When it comes to phonological and phonemic awareness, sound is the key.

Here are some fun songs for this Halloween that you can find on YouTube:

Pamela Mejia de Rodriguez
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